IMPRS Core Courses

IMPRS Core Course "Source Technology"

The course provides an overview of the working principles of modern light/xray/ electron sources, including the respective physics background and their current strengths and limitations. The focus will be on techniques and technical basics.

Key topics: Optics / Laser technology / Pulsed laser technology / Electron sources / Synchrotrontype radiation sources / Accelerator techniques

IMPRS Core Course "Ultrafast Techniques"

The course focuses on the use of modern light/ X-ray/ electron sources for investigating the physics/ chemistry/ biology phenomena. We will discuss scattering and image reconstruction techniques, spectroscopy and their use for time-resolved measurements . Key questions addressed are which techniques exist, how to use them, and which method is best used to reach a certain goal.

Key topics: Scattering techniques light/ X-ray/ electron sources/ Image reconstruction techniques/ Multidimensional spectroscopy techniques/ Regular x-ray spectroscopy/ Time and space resolved techniques/ Pump-probe techniques



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